Groundwater & Climate in Africa

The Groundwater & Climate in Africa conference was held in Kampala (Uganda) from 24th to 28th June 2008 and featured 96 presentations and more than 300 participants from 36 countries including 24 countries in Africa. It was the first meeting to discuss the role of groundwater in improving livelihoods in Africa under conditions of rapid development and climate change and one of the first conferences in the world to discuss the twin impacts of development and climate variability and change on groundwater resources and groundwater-based ecosystems. 

Groundwater & Climate in Africa recognised that current assessments of the impacts of climate variability and change on water resources commonly exclude groundwater. This omission is of particular concern in Africa where current usage and future adaptations in response to climate change and rapid population growth, place considerable reliance upon groundwater to meet domestic, agricultural, and industrial water demands. The conference was supported by BGR & GTZ (Germany), DFID (UK), Ministry of Water and Environment (Uganda), IAH, UNESCO-IHP, DANIDA, NSF (US), African Development Bank, and World Bank. The conference was organised by the Ugandan Ministry of Water and Environment and University College London along with experts from across Africa and the rest of the world.

Conference outputs

Brief video of the conference - click to play

Film produced by Mehdi Comeau for GEF IW:LEARN

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