IAH2012 Presentations

Groundwater and climate: challenges and opportunities (invited)
Richard Taylor

Vulnerability of global groundwater resources to climate variability and change
Jason Gurdak

Distribution and temporal variations in palaeo-groundwater on the Australian continent
Dioni Cendón

Paleowater  in Cambrian-Vendian (Ediacaran) aquifer of Baltic Basin – isotopic and Geochemical evolution since Late Pleistocene
Rein Vaikmäe

Groundwater resources management under climate change conditions-Integration of geological and groundwater flow models
Samrit Luoma

Linking climate change and groundwater: impact of climate model uncertainty on predicted recharge
Marie-Audray Ouellet

Hydrogeological modeling of climate change impact for a small-scale groundwater reservoir
Christian Möck

Simulated Impacts of Downscaled Climate Scenarios on Groundwater Temperature and Discharge in Small Unconfined Aquifers
Barret Kurylyk

The relationship between groundwater recharge and climate variability – an example from the Australian northern tropical savannah
Ross Brodie

Drought, Climate Change and Groundwater Levels in Southwestern Ontario
Scott MacRitchie

Buffering Capacity of Groundwater for Droughts: Examples from US High Plains and Central Valley (invited)
Bridget Scanlon

Characterising groundwater resilience to climate change in Africa
Alan MacDonald

Adaptation and mitigation to climate change: demonstration of methodology evolved in UNESCO-IHP GWES project for sustaining groundwater resources during droughts
Balbir Sukhija

Groundwater and irrigation from quantitative and qualitative perspectives with case study in the North China Plain (invited)
Jianyao Chen

Assessment of Agricultural Return Flows Under Changing Climate and Crop Water Management
Timothy Green

From global depletion to sustainable use of mega-scale groundwater systems (invited)
Tom Gleeson

Climate change impacts on surface water – groundwater interactions in south-western Australia
Don McFarlane

Dynamic Bayesian networks for the assessment of Climate Change impacts on overexploited aquifers systems
Jose-Luis Molina

Past and future contribution of global groundwater depletion to sea-level rise (invited)
Rens van Beek

Coastal groundwater vulnerability due to global environmental change (invited)
Makoto Taniguchi

Consequences and uncertainties of climate change for three Mediterranean aquifers and dependent ecosystems
Tibor Stigter

Anthropogenic and climate change effect on seawater intrusion in Dar Es Salaam coastal aquifer
Matteo Rossi

Coastal Aquifer Management: Climate Change or Too Many Faucets? (invited)
Grant Ferguson

Impacts of sea level rise and increasing fresh water demand on sustainable groundwater management
Hasan Yazicigil

Development of a GIS Based Approach for the Assessment of Relative Seawater Intrusion Vulnerability in the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada
Gavin Kennedy

Impact of projected climate change on groundwater recharge in Tailan basin, China (poster)
Emmanuel Appiah-Adjei

Effect of Climate Change on Shallow Groundwater in the Hebei Plain (poster)
Jincui Wang

U-series dating of travertine deposits: implications for paleoclimate and paleohydrogeology of the western margin of the Great Artesian Basin (poster)
Stacey Priestley

Impacts of climate changes on karst dissolution processes (poster)
Joana Oliveira

Evaluation of Water Resources using the Model Mike BASIN® (poster)
Joana Oliveira

Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Groundwater in a Highly-Urbanized Catchment (poster)
Rene Therrien


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